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From the very beginning we cooperate only with best specialists. We promote and supply standard and non-conventional soutions. Energycool has a big development potential based on already acquired experience and knowledge. Thanks to Energycool team of HVAC specialist, we possess skills and assets that others lack.

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Absorption chillers

Energycool challenges the most innovative technologies that can meet customers requirements. We provide tested solutions, based on our long – term experience, acquired knowledge and proven technology. Experience gathered throughout many years of activity in the field of absorption chillers and trigeneration systems, allow us correctly understand customer’s needs. We are capable to properly estimate and select right unit, to fully utilize the capabilities, offered by absorption chillers technology. Energycool keeps developing thanks to customer’s trust. Providing absorption chillers made by one of the market leaders, we are able ensure highest possible quality and take responsibility for the proper operating of the supplied cooling system.

Non-carbon eco-friendly chiller

  • Power hot water (even 84% efficiency, the use of primary energy from waste heat even 74%)
  • Water as a refrigerant instead of refrigerant coolant damaging the ozone layer
  • No presence of CO2 and Nox as the factors that cause the greenhouse effect

No risk of explosion due to the

  • Work under pressure close to a vacuum
  • No risk of the release of gases due to the effect of water as a refrigerant
  • Safety due to the absence of the high pressure operation

Very high efficiency at partial loads

    • Auxiliary cycle auto stop if the cooling load is low


Quiet operation without vibration

  • Sound pressure level below 75 dB at a distance of 1 meter

Microprocessor control unit

  • Automatic operation of the unit after receiving the signal to start
  • Precise control of the process of starting and stopping operation, performance and the process of stopping operation of the device in case of malfunction of the equipment and / or installations
  • Easy device through a touch screen interface
  • Built-in auxiliary control work processes and auto-diagnostics

Low maintenance and service

  • Maintain a high degree of vacuum
  • Purification system of the non-condensable gas into the buffer tank
  • Operation with only minimum purging

Cycle diagram – Double Lift Hot Water Driven Absorption Chiller

As the refrigerant is evaporated from the evaporator, the chiller water flowing inside the heating tube of the evaporator is cooled down and the refrigerant evaporated is absorbed by the concentrated absorbing liquid from the 2nd generator.
The concetrated absorbing liquid will become thick absorbing liquid and the heat generate will be absorbed by the chilled water. The thick absorbing liquid which absorbed the refrigerant steam from the absorbing unit will go to the 1st generator passing through the low-temp and high-temp heat exchangers. The hot water at 95° – in the 1st generator will heat the high-temp heat exchanger. The medium concetrated thick absorbing liquid com from the 2nd generator will be heated by the hot water come from the 1st generator to generate the refrigerant steam.
The refrigerant steam generated from the 2nd generator will be absorbed by the absorbing liquid flowing outside the heat tube and the thick absorbing liquid which absorbed the refrigerant steam from the aux absorbing unit will flow to the aux generator after passing through aux heat exchanger, so that it is heated by the hot water flowing the heat tube of the aux generator to generate the refrigerant steam. Then, the concetrated absorbing liquid is returned back to the aux absorbing unit after passing through the aux heat exchanger.
The refrigerant steam generated from the 1st generator and the aux generator will condense the refrigerant with the leakage of the chilled water inside the heat tube and then it absorb the heat generated.
That is, the hot water flows the 1st generator – 2nd generator – aux generator while the chilled water flows absorbing unit – aux absorbing unit – condenser in order to form a chilled cycle. In addition, the low-temp hot water two stage absorbing chiller has main cycle and aux cycle and the deatails of the solution (liquid) flow are as on the right.

Selection of the correct unit each time leads ENERGYCOOL Technical Department.
The parameters of units are different depending on the selection parameters – both qualitative and quantitative – and customer preferences.


A driving force of the every chilled water cooling system is a chiller. The primary role of the chiller is to chill water (remove heat from the water). Chillers are often used for HVAC systems and for industrial cooling systems for process cooling.

Construction of the chillers differs among vendors and depends on the required cooling capacity, optional equipment and other customer’s requirements. Very many available options at these days, benefit designers of the cooling systems, allowing to select best unit, perfectly fitted to the size and type of the cooling system and to the customer’s requirements. New energy – saving technologies become a standard in these days.

Energycool supports and adhere the chillers applications using the Danfoss Turbocore compressors. Turbocore compressors provide outstanding efficiency at part load.
Our experience allow us correctly respond to and read off customer’s requirements and in the result properly estimate and select right unit, to fully utilize the capabilities and ensure best effective and energy-saving solutions.

We provide full range of services: evaluation of the possible solutions, technical design, right units and pipe system selection, full – range delivery, start-up, warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance.
Experience gathered throughout many years cooperating with producers like: Lennox, Climaveneta, Geoclima, Systemair, Wesper, Hitecsa, Clivet, let us to offer and supply full professional service support with quality and reliability assurance.

Standard air-conditioning

Despite of the general trends to use energy-saving technologies for HVAC and industrial cooling systems, traditional solutions are still being used. Answering specific needs of this group of the customers, Energcool can supply Split and Multi-split air conditioners, VRF systems of the well-known producers and different type fan-coils. All that equipment can be successfully installed and used in offices, hotels, commercial centers and for residential air conditioning. All offered units can be delivered with wide range of available options, to fully serve all customer’s preferences.