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Technical designs

We can deliver:

  • Evaluation and concept projects
  • Automation and control system designs
  • Industrial Cooling systems technical designs (chilled water, direct evaporation systems, absorption chillers)
  • Constructions project, engineering, detailed engineering and as-built documentation, tender designs
  • Advisory services for designers and customers


Every project is treated by us with full attention to details and approached on an individual basis. We use optimal, reliable and energy-saving technical solutions.

Scope of contracting work:

  • Plumbing / water installations
  • Chilled water installations
  • Heating Installations
  • Ventilation installation
  • Air-conditioning installation
  • Assembly and installation of control box (controllers, switchboard, inverters)


Energycool provide professional service of

  • Standard Chillers
  • Turbocore Chillers
  • Absorption Chillers
  • Cogeneration – Trigeneration
  • Air Handling Units
  • Automation for the Industry

As part of the service we provide services:

  • Maintenance and service
  • Rescuers from technical breakdowns and failures
  • Modernization and modification existing systems
  • Tests for water tightness
  • Technical Inspection and monitoring of units and systems

Energycool specialists perform service with full attention to quality and technical aspects and with compliance to all safety regulations, norms and standards.